Meet Dr. Koerner

Hi! I am Dr. Karl Koerner –

I have been teaching oral surgery principles and techniques to general dentists for a number of years now with quite a bit of success.  This is probably because I try to make it practical, covering things you can grasp and use right away – like this example of a fractured root.  (show an image)

When I see this, there are choices of things to do that enters my mind and a sequence of steps to follow until it would be quickly , safely and atraumatically removed.

My material consists of a combination of pictures, narrations, video clips, lists, literature references, and other things to help you expand your knowledge to be more effective at oral surgery, especially exodontia.  My presentations – be they on the internet or in person at a course – are geared to the general dentist yet they include information you would find in an oral surgery residency.

I am a general dentist who had good training in the military and who now and for the last 14 years has done only dento-alveolar surgery in my practice — including surgical extractions, impacted wisdom teeth, implants, bone grafts and related treatment.  Sign up for a segment and then let me know how it helps you.

Good luck with your surgery.

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